Pilgramers | Creative Connect

i'm on day two of the same shirt. thats how you know its been a great couple of days, i forget to bath and or change clothes. i know thats gross sorry. 

yesterday was such a great day. we had fantastic weather this past weekend and i do believe it carried into monday. church was so good yesterday and i'm excited for next next week. (this week i'll be in ohio for a wedding whoo!) after church i just wanted to be outside so i drove to a park and sat on a bench for two hours. i just sat there. i had a book but i didn't read it, i just sat and enjoyed the breeze and talked to jesus and had the best time. when i finally made it to the coffee shop to get work done i almost fell asleep several times. so not much work was accomplished...

so raise your hand if you've heard of pilgramers?! well if you haven't you should get on the ig right now and follow their page. just a bunch of fantastic guys trying to connect creatives together and last night was their first creative connect launching them off for the summer. it was so fun to sit around in a hot coffee shop and talked about our interests and what we do. i got to meet so many great new friends and i'm (still) so excited about all the things going on. we also got to adventure around our city and take photos which was so great because a lot of the time i miss taking photos for fun. 

the pilgramers headed out this morning and will be hosting more creative connects in cities all around the country. (all that information is on their page!) i want you all to go and meet them and hear their hearts. plus meeting other creative people in your city is the best. also you can watch a little film that made me cry here. they are heading to Rochester ny next! spread the word! 

Posted on June 29, 2015 and filed under travel.