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Boyhood II

Boys will be boys i guess.
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Coffee List | Sunergos | Louisville

lets talk about louisville kentucky. no offense anyone who lives there but i know why kentucky rhymes with yucky. the roads stink and gosh that city (at least the parts i was in!) was diiiirty. that being said they probably make one of the better mochas i've had in this lifetime and the baristas are super friendly and awesome. the girl ringing me up chatted with me about the pacific north west and our shared love of good coffee. i honestly tried to convincer her to move, and i'm pretty sure i am/was pretty close. i want everyone to move! moving is fun!

this check off the buzz feed list was such a great spot though, super big hippie vibes and really nice people. if you're ever driving through (or you happen to live there i am so sorry…) you should stop in! its right off the highway and easy to find! 

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Life Update

pew pew. photo by my sweet friend Rachel Wilson with the moves and the words. 

pew pew. photo by my sweet friend Rachel Wilson with the moves and the words. 

lets see. its july right? all my months seem to be blurring together right now but i'm pretty sure its july. i'm currently sitting by my favorite window in my favorite coffee shop waiting for a storm to roll in as well as an upload of wedding pictures. i am the only girl with brown hair in this room, there are three blonds, two black haired, and two gingers. there are also two boys with hats on. 

i need a chiropractic adjustment suuuper bad and i am almost ready to drive to south carolina for a free one. the weather is so hot its hard to breathe outside and my itch for fall is creating a constant battle again complaining. (about the hot weather.) i want to go to florida and sit in the ocean for the rest of this blessed season. 

i read two books on my phone the last week and they were both free and i actually have no idea what either were really about. i'm trying my very hardest to finish the wedding i'm currently working on while also submitting things and also taking a break from coffee and lets just say I'm back on coffee today. 

i've made so many friends in the last couple weeks i don't even know what to do with myself. (insert gif of kristen wiig so freakin excited!!) its been so fun just getting to know these girls better. i seriously can't praise Jesus enough for these friendships. i didn't know how much i needed them. isn't that funny how he works?

speaking of the Lord, i'm learning that trusting him with my life looks like a daily thing. (i know you are probably thinking duh abbey…) but i feel like i am constantly saying oh yes, here is my trust, i don't know why i keep taking it back from you, but i'm giving it over again. (my trust is shaped like a brick btw.) and they next day the same thing. its hard and its wonderful. 

i'm heading to north and south carolina at the end of this month and i'm really excited to get back on the road. i just went to ohio this past weekend and i didn't know how much i missed my travels. (it had been like a month…?) but the anticipation has me all excited. i'm also thinking about swinging up to virginia…but who knows. we'll see won't we! 

so my life update is this. i'm great. my back hurts! coffee isn't worth giving up and the Lord never gives up on me! and to that i will say amen and amen. and happy sunday. 


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