Goodbye Seattle

as i sit here this morning in a pair pajama pants straight from heaven, sipping my coffee and looking through the last couple pictures of my time in washington, i can't help but be a little sad (again) that its over. there are so many people out there that need a visit, that i need to meet, and so many things left to explore. how will i ever do it all?

sounds like i need a round two for washinton. and maybe i'll throw some oregon in there as well.

i wanted to share these last pictures a little differently and talk about them as we go. this first shot i love so much because there we are, posed for a picture...and there she is, the little sweet woman in the floppy hat that wouldn't move out of the shot. in fact she walked over and sat down right there in front of the camera.

reality friends. reality. (also her hands are so creepy.)

these next pictures are seattle at dusk. its one of the best times of day, and the space needle looked pretty neat i think.

i am an artist as you know and i think sometimes the best way to appreciate art is to laugh hysterically and speculate on what it is. just kidding...but when i saw this piece i thought it was like a womb or something so i curled up into the fetal position. turns out it was an eye socket chair. ah, you win some...

thats just a small dose of me as a tourist. like i said, reality.

the next morning we woke up, piled our things in the car, and headed for Idaho. the drive was so magical (sorry no other words.) and i had my face plastered to the window the whole trip. i know most of these are just out the window and don't catch hardly any of the beauty, but i loved this part of the trip so much.

and thats how i ended up in idaho. ready for the next adventure?

Posted on November 5, 2014 .