Sweater Pillow | Last Minute Gift


at this very moment i am writing to you from a coffee shop in a small town where i am attempting to upload client files before said shop closes for christmas. its not a bad life, i'm drinking a huge cup of hot cocoa and listening to (regrettably) Owl city's peppermint winter. it could be much, much worse. i could be working retail right now. (says a pray for target workers) no i'm just sitting here, working on the never ending upload and i thought i would share a little idea i found on, wait for it...pinterest.

to be fair to myself, i actually thought of this without pinterest but when i typed it in, its definitely been before. so no shark tank for me, but it does make a great last minute gift idea! we all have big sweaters and stuffing lying around...oh you don't? just me? well then. here's what you do.

^^find a sweater thats a little bigger than the pillow you want to cover.

cut off the head. just kidding but cut it into a square. with the sweater material you want to cut it approximately the same size as the pillow because it will stretch.

turn it inside out and sew up the sides! i left the bottom of the sweater, (the finished edge) til last so that i could just sew straight across once it was right side out and the pillow was inside. that made it much easier to finish.

easy as cake.

happy christmas eve!

Posted on December 24, 2014 .