After Christmas Shambles

there's a picture of my nose as a drink the sweet nectar of life that is coffee. its unrelated, as are most of the pictures i post for these ramble type blogs. but whatever, grab your coffee, lets chat.

sometimes i sigh in to twitter and type something out, read it, and delete it because i who follows me. then i normally end up telling you about it here so what does it even matter? this morning i wrote, "shaved my legs for the first time all month! wearing shorts to celebrate!" thats disgusting abigail, but also truthful and yay winter and yay pants. i celebrate my singleness in weird ways.

christmas was a lot of fun this year and i don't know what your house looks like, but the one i live in has toys covering all the surfaces. the hooligans scored big. i actually did too because my sister got me amy poehler's book and i'm so excited to read it but at the same time want to save it so i only read the introduction. it says things in big print like, "LITTLE PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE TO BE PICKED UP." its just going to be so good i know it.

i also got an ear infection for christmas, freakin santa what a butt head. and its the first one i've ever had in my life. on a scale of hurt i would say its above childbirth. but honestly ive never given birth so that could be off. i don't have insurance because i work for myself and i like to call it, "free birding" you know, taking chances on breaking arms and all that. its a very exciting way to live. anyway, i'm trying all this natural stuff. drinking garlic water, putting essential oils all over, and i even had a clove of garlic in my ear last night. so far, its not really working but we'll see how it goes today. when i told my nephews that my ear hurts so bad Jon seems to want to take care of me but Joe told me with a sigh that he doesn't care. i will hold that over him forever. what a meany.

does anyone else feel like they need to recover after the holidays? i know we still have new years to get through but lets be real, once i hit my twenties i stopped staying up til midnight. i just feel like i need to take a nap for a week. that could be the ear infection talking, but i wouldn't know because i can't hear anything.

you know what else? i think i need to make a trip to florida because i am getting the summer itch. which, now that i type that out, sounds a lot like a rash. but boy am i wanting to wear shorts and tshirst and run on a beach. maybe it because the thing we look forward to about winter is over and now we just have a few months of cold. whatever the case, i'm ready for a road trip. too bad my next one is to freezing cold virginia.

ah well. i hope you all had a lovely christmas with friends or family. as my family always says,

"back to our meaningless lives."

happy holidays!

Posted on December 27, 2014 .