Welcome to Nashville | In Grams

i promise, one of these days kevin and i will adventure out so you get to see this city in all its glory.

that day is not today. however, i do have some pretty fun grams to share with you! just a little taste of the nash in small squares by my phone...which has no name so...

Jane and Ryan (who i have no pictures of...) came down to nashville for the weekend and we met up at barista parlor. which is on the east (ish) side of nashville and to be honest, in somewhat of a ghetto it appears. ( i am making myself so uncool with this) but the place was not ghetto at all, in fact it was fantastic and jane and i just kept looking around saying "i loveeee it." i wanted to take it all home. plus its an instagram hot spot so i felt like we were "in."

also the coffee was really pretty as you can see.

i didn't realize how much i missed janis until we were hanging out again. its been all of a week and i was so thankful to spend the day with her and all her spunk. she makes you love everything you are doing, even if its walking up a million and a half stairs.

next jane and i headed into the city to walk around and be tourists. she said we had new people tourist points and we were aloud to point and stare and be excited about everything. which we were so that worked out great. we saw a park, where they really love all things tennessee, and the capital building, which is was up on a hill. and we should probably climb stairs more than we do. because it was really hard to get up there.

if you are from tennessee, or have been to tennessee, you know about the summer humidity. its bad, and if you have curly hair, it gets really big throughout the day. we got really hot from walking around the city so we stopped at an ice cream place with a huge line. (huge lines means its good right?) when we got to the counter and the guy asked what he could get us, we weren't sure. after he suggested a couple flavors we both settled on a coffee ice cream with chocolate chunks in it. which was a fantastic choice. and so thank you ice cream man who is not a twin.

a sad thing happened when we were walking back to the car. jane threatened a bee ( or at least thats what google tells us.) and it stung her foot. and remember how i am a bit of a hippy? well there is a common weed that you chew up to help with the swelling and sting. so a chewed a little wad for her foot and she sat down to hold my slobber green weed on her sting. what a champ. bee stings hurt!

next we headed to find some thrift stores. we found a really neat one named cool stuff, weird things. it did live up to its name and its safe to say i will be back. i loved it in there. there was a lot of cool stuff...and a lot of weird things.

we had two amazing meals. the first, our (my new) friend Judson took us to a taco place called mas tacos. (i think.) all the tacos were three dollars and that was really cheep for what we got. i had a fish taco, (because its my love language) and it was large. and beautiful. and delicious. i wanted to eat five but all i could fit was one. its a cash only place so keep that in mind if you go. (there is an atm!)

the second meal, (dinner) was at burger up! which i honestly dont even know where it was, i just followed a gps. we met ryan's friend Troy for dinner. Troy works at burger up and i am happy to say that i met someone who has a burger named after them, and ate the burger all in the same day. if you ever go, and you are into veggie burgers, the troyathlon is a good choice.

it was really good to sit around a table, (both times) and hear peoples hearts and be in great company. food is a wonderful gift.

we met so many cool people that day. everyone was so welcoming and made me feel like maybe this place isn't so scary after all.

great job nashville. i'll keep you.

Posted on August 9, 2014 .