This Week The Trend

all images are from  pinterest!

all images are from pinterest!


i'm loving the contrast between light and dark these days. so i'll say anything rich.


gosh shorts as much as possible. it was strangely cold last week and not at all like May, so these days of warm sunshine i am soaking it up as much as i can. 


still working on the third of the wrinkle in time series, and after that i'm reaching for a walk in the woods by bill bryson. if you've never read anything by him you're missing out. he is hilarious! 


my feet still hurt from this weekends wedding. 


not gluten. but sometimes i go crazy on the weekends hashtag donuts. but really i've been feeling pretty good staying off it so i think i'll continue to stay away from it. i found a recipe for gf muffins that i think i'm gonna try this week! 


i'm in tennessee until june! then i might do some galavanting here and there...

Posted on May 23, 2016 .