When I'm Discouraged I Talk to Myself...

this has been a heavy couple of days for me.

it hasn't been without its share of little victories but thing after thing after thing has broken, brought grief, delayed or discouraged. i'm just a little worn out thats all. 

i'm not saying this so we can all be miserable together, i am saying it so i can tell you what i do when these struggles pop up and won't go away. sometimes you just need to have a little fight plan. 

  1. i tell Jesus i'm tired and discouraged and i know and believe he hears me. even if the situation doesn't change that minute, i know Christ is in the fight right next to me and he's not giving up so neither should i. 
  2. i find things to be thankful for. thats always so easy. there are so many blessings on my life i can fall asleep thinking about them.
  3. i call someone. its usually dad or mom, but we all have someone who encourages us. (tip, don't go with a friend who also likes to complain. you will be stick in a grumpy circle thats hard to get out of. call the friend that speaks truth and no matter the circumstances will point you towards Jesus.)
  4. i find more things to be thankful for. 
  5. i talk to myself and remind myself of who God is and his promises to those that love him. i tell myself i'm never alone. i tell myself sometimes God leads us places just to see if we will follow, if we will be obedient and dangit, i will be obedient no matter what. 
  6. then i find more things to be thankful for. 

i think its pretty important what we say to ourselves inside our heads. for some reason we have started making our inner conversation all about ourselves and i want to encourage you to make it all about the Heavenly Father. he is right there in your head with you and he has things to say about you anyway. 

Come with expectation
Everything abandoned
Look and see the Glory of our God
Lift your voice to heaven
Jesus is our anthem
Celebrate the wonder of His love
— Holy Moment -Chris McClarney
Posted on August 23, 2016 .