ten reasons | you should visit me in Nashville


1. I'm a great tour guide. I will take you to the cool parts and we will take so many pictures. 

2. Because it's one big coffee shop. But if you don't like coffee (I'll pray for you) and then I can take you to the new soda parlor. (Where we will pray for you to like coffee.)  

3. Nashville is just the right amount of southern. Yes there are some crazies, but mostly everyone is nice and semi normal.  

4. Sometimes it's like living in a musical.  

5. We have some really great goodwills... 

6. I like food, and I've eaten a lot of good food here so if your into that sort of thing...tacos.  

7. Mas tacos.  

8. Downtown franklin is the sweetest place I've ever seen and it makes you want to be an old person and sit on a front porch and stuff like that.  

9. I'll give you a hug.  

10. Nashville is a city that feels like a city and a small town rolled into one. People try to help each other and talents and gifts are appreciated to the max.  

and I think that's pretty neat. 

Posted on November 15, 2014 .