Wedding Season Eve

i'm excited. let me tell you why.

i'm pulling up my proverbial socks in preparation for the kick off of wedding season. tomorrow kids. tomorrow is the first wedding of this year and i am excited to get to work. working weddings can be so crazy, but it can also be so rewording. i'm excited for those magic moments we will capture this year. i'm excited for the people i'll meet and the wonderful friends i will work with. its going to be so good, and i praise the Lord for providing me with the work he has.

you know what else i'm excited about? tomorrow night i get to sit with friends i haven't see in so long and i know i will laugh so much and i just can't wait.

i'm also excited for the travels that will be happening in the next few months. like, i can't even and i'll tell you about it later.

and finally i'm excited to go make/eat breakfast with my buddies tonight. its going to be a great weekend.

happy wedding season and six days til my birthday.

Posted on January 16, 2015 .