Lake Placid | New York

its so cold. i know you needed me to tell you that because you haven't seen the trillion screen shots of the weather blowing up your news feeds. i'm currently sitting in my favorite chair at my parents house, in front of the fire place which i have crammed full of wood. i'm also wearing two pairs of pants and my warmest socks hashtag: fashion hashtag: style. 

as cold and as crazy as my drive was back from up state, i actually am missing it a wee bit. its just so pretty there and hallelujah for friends who know how to drive in the snow. one of the days i was there we ventured out to lake placid. something about Olympic yada yada... famous ski jump whatever. it was totally cute. color me impressed.

we started out the trip with a dead battery in the car because you know, new york, winter, death. cars don't like the cold very much. wilber got the worst gas mileage up there. anyway, once we got on the road with snacks and the best chocolate milk in the country, (thanks Battenkill Valley Creamery!) my face was stuck to the window. the trees covered in snow, the snow covering pretty much everything really... it was all really really nice to see.

the town is super cute too. lots of ski stuff, cute antiques and even a donut shop! can i get an amen? it was so fun to explore and even though the wind literally took my breath away, i would go back a hundred times over. oh and yea, the company was alright too.  

^^ this is andy boyscout sewing a button back on to my coat. its still there. yay boyscouts!