Tree Talk

there is a beautiful tree outside my window.

i love trees. my dad has always cut down all the trees. he is a little chainsaw happy (no offense dad...) and thats just something we are used to now. but i love trees and always want to keep them. even the dead ones that should be cut down. i love the maples up north, the huge ponderosas out west and even those weird bush looking trees in texas. i also love climbing trees and am always on the look out for magnolia because those are the best for climbing. 

when we moved into our house i open the shades in my room and yelled to my sister, "Look! i have a Pollyanna tree!" to which my sister replied, "you mean you can try to climb it, fall out and be paralyzed?" 

always the realist.

nobody worry, i'm not going to do that. . . 


Posted on September 1, 2015 .